Show Notes from Episode 1

SCOTTIE: It’s a fryalator?
If you ever wanted to know more about the humble PRESTO recorder and its usage in recording old-time radio shows, this site is a great resource.

I always thought of this particular lighthouse as more like the Nobska Point lighthouse in Woods Hole, MA than the one on Wings Neck. Allen’s lighthouse isn’t that big though. The first floor has a entryway that leads to the kitchen, the radio room and a closet, and the second floor leads to the bedroom and bathroom. It is such a bachelor’s pad. I don’t know how the old keepers lived without WiFi – they probably had a lot of porn.

Sea Robin island was given its name because sea robins are some of the creepiest fish I ever caught. Their pelvic fins look and act like claws and they have some serious teeth. I used to catch them when we went out for scup or flounder.

In this interview, Will Smith is very polite to Terry Gross about some rap album he did over a decade before he had played Ali.

The Mouse’s prophecies are changed from the original script. Before we made Episode 1, we weren’t sure we were going to make it past five episodes. So, yes, her prophecies used to include Season 2 spoilers.

The uroboros concept for the After Dark episode was one of the first ideas I had for Episode 1. While we won’t do it again, I intended it to be a call to arms, that we were going to do different things in this show and the listeners should expect such.

The actors pretty much improvised the Winsley Wheat harmony on the spot. Neil wrote the tune after I wrote the lyrics.

Many of the characters names are taken directly from my relatives. They know who they are, and they have already reminded me of this. Thanks, guys.

Since it’s basically me doing all the non-speaking, non-musical parts of the show, most of the sound effects you hear are from Neil’s collection or purchased on-line. Sorry to ruin the romanticism of the humble radio drama, but I can only do so much without an SFX crew. Sounds that I did make include the banging on the gate and the driving SFX. I actually do more in Episode 2, including throwing myself into the tub which took several takes and did a job on my bathroom floor. Also, my cat doesn’t meow unless she’s annoyed so it’s all prerecorded kitty SFX for you folks.

The ocean is nice to look at but I have a severe phobia of swimming in it. I get very scared in situations in which I could potentially fall long distances, and the ocean increases this since the “ground” might as well not be there. I like pools though. I should have given Allen a pool. And a hot tub. I should have given me a hot tub. Forget Allen. If only I didn’t live in an apartment.

Alicia E. Goranson, Show Author

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