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Boston Free Radio Airing Season 1 9/19 – 10/17

Boston Free RadioThe Post-Meridian Radio Players are pleased to announce that Boston Free Radio will be airing Season 1 of The Mask of Inanna every Monday night at 10PM EST, starting tonight September 19 to October 17, 2011.

Boston Free Radio has a stream available over the live365 service which listeners can catch by clicking the “Launch the Boston Free Radio Player” link on their home page.

Boston Free Radio’s broadcast schedule is available here.

They will be broadcasting our second season in January 2012.

Again, we are very excited about this opportunity! Thanks to Boston Free Radio’s programming department and to PMRP’s own Chris Dekalb for making this happen!

Trailer for Season 2, Episode 3 – The Black Velvet Ribbon

Next time on The Mask of Inanna, Season 2, Episode 3, Bob Stroud returns, baby! And he’s bringing the horror show with him.

Size: ~2MB \ Running Time: 2:32

This episode is scheduled for release on/near Sunday, October 16, 2011.