Marleigh Norton

Marleigh Norton is the Lead Interaction Designer for the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, a strange title that mostly means she does whatever needs doing, whether it be interaction design, leading student game development teams, or providing emergency voice acting. She has more details here.

Besides her stint with PMRP, Marleigh can be heard as Barbara in “Batman: The Ace of Detectives,” Carla in “Red Sands Investigations,” Abby in “Once Upon a Time in Vegas”, and a narrator for various productions by Imagination Lane.  She’s particularly looking forward to the upcoming Gypsy Audio revival of “Stage Door,” where she plays Terry.  Katherine Hepburn, eat your heart out.

She’s also been known to write scripts, and two of her plays—“Tea and Terrorism” and “Moment”—have appeared as part of the “Seminar” short story podcast.

Marleigh plays the principal role of Isabel Huddleston from the 1950’s cast in this series. She also plays:

  • Margaret (Episode 1)
  • Gertrude (Episode 2)