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2012 Parsec Award Winner – Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form)

Finalist for the Best Horror Audio Drama of 2010, as part of the 4th Annual Splatcademy Awards; Selected by 19 Nocturne Boulevard

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“I thoroughly recommend The Mask of Inanna as an original contribution to the ever-expanding canon of serial audio dramas now available online.” – Lawrence Raw


The world isn’t kind to dreamers.

Like any boy of the radio era, Leonard Allen dreamed of hitting big in New York and Hollywood; to write or host that one big show that would make everyone notice. Even after he had his chance at both, that dream still burns inside him. He’s always been able to spark the divine somewhere in his work. And he’s been noticed.

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He doesn’t know the lengths people will go to take advantage of such gifts. So when the mysterious David Lewis asked him finish his classic radio drama “After Dark” after a half-century, Len didn’t realize it wasn’t as simple as that. The truth is that Lewis served a more powerful entity than even public opinion: the goddess Inanna, Sumerian patron of love and war both.

Sometimes, a god wants a sacrifice. Sometimes, a god wants praise and devotion. But the most fickle, and the most dangerous, are those who demand a show.

Journey into the creative mind of award-winning author Alicia Goranson, as she explores the nature of power and those who covet it in a genre-busting work that blends classic fifties radio drama, tense, paranoia-fueled thrillers, and the intimate knowledge born of a career working behind-the-scenes in the performing arts. Marvel at a stunning collection of award-winning stage actors, the Post-Meridian Players, as they provide the voice and heart to a cast of dozens. Follow Allen and Lewis as their ideological conflict threatens to consume their friends and family, a battle neither can yield.

Is magic simply a tool, or a living thing to be respected? Does man have a right to make demands of the gods? What lengths would you go to for the power to protect what you love? Whatever you believe, don’t get caught out After Dark, in THE MASK OF INANNA.

A bi-monthly nine-part miniseries, featuring a cast of over thirty performers.

“The Mask of Inanna does for modern audio drama what Lost did for television but better!” – Fan Paul Redding

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Season 1:

Season 2:

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From the mind and direction of Lambda Literary Award Finalist Alicia E. Goranson, The Mask of Inanna is a mystery, horror and action-adventure show from The Post-Meridian Radio Players. With a multi-layered dark fantasy plot with the complexity of a novel, every episode features both the contemporary story of Leonard Allen, with his alter ego Dr. Damien Crask, and a complete episode from his 1950’s horror show After Dark.

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It’s all one story so start at the beginning. But beware. You may want to stay in a little later tonight. Wear that pretty cross your mother gave you. Load a silver bullet in your gun. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be caught dead out… After Dark!

“No program better marries the legacy of old time radio with the potential of modern audio drama. I daresay it’s a little unlike anything you have heard before.”
-Fred Greenhalgh, FinaleRune Productions and Radio Drama Revival

“The Mask of Inanna is a fascinating hybrid of a modern story with mystic overtones (reminiscent of Twin Peaks or the more fantastical tales of Stephen King), coupled with a beautifully-done “show within a show” pastiche of classic old time radio.”
-Julie Hoverson, 19 Nocturne Boulevard

“The Mask of Inanna takes all the toys in the audio drama box and uses them to create something completely original.”
Pete Milan, Author, Producer and Actor at Pendant Productions

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