Julia Lunetta

Julia Lunetta is a professional geek and an amateur actress, musician, comedian and human. She arrived in Massachusetts many years ago for college, and repeatedly failing to escape Boston’s non-Euclidean roads, made her home there. She can be heard voicing Arkahn and the Winged Herald in the popular online fantasy podcast Second Shift (secondshiftpodcast.com). Recently, she has been involved in the MITGSP production of “Sweeney Todd”, and the BeBold! production of Sgouros/Bell’s “Phantom of the Opera”. When not performing, she can be found on Xbox Live (gamertag: LeDiva), obsessively reading blogs, or generally cracking jokes at her own expense.

She is the webmaster of improbable.com, the creator of theresablankforthat.com and
projectanvil.com, and is on Twitter (@lediva).

We can’t tell you who she plays in this series because that would be uber-spoilers. However, we can tell you that she does play:

  • The “Next Time on The Mask of Inanna” Voice
  • Juniper (Episode 4)
  • Dr. Hazelwood (Episode 6)