Next Episode Scheduled for June

Hey guys! We’re taking a little break in the release schedule – and I want to emphasize that this is not a hiatus. Hiatus is a dirty, grubby, filthy word in audio drama and I won’t have it associated with The Mask of Inanna! The fact is, despite that you never hear my voice on air, this is primarily a one-woman show. I arrange for the recordings, direct the recordings, edit the recordings, hunt for  and buy the right SFX, etc. etc. yadda. And I’ve been doing other things too. It takes me about two months to put out a show at the level of quality you’ve come to expect, and it’s a significant amount of effort, considering I have a day job, too.

So, this co-called “break” is not a really a break at all, but an attempt for us to catch up and prepare for Season 2. Our actors are all doing other things too, and our recording space (a.k.a. the Sunday school in a church) has other groups coming in and can’t let us record on Sundays… needless to say, it’s a lot of work just to schedule time to record, let alone post-production. So we’re getting as much of Season 2 recorded as we can, to prevent any episodes being held up when its time to release them.

As you’ve heard, James Scheffler is heading out for active duty so we’re already recorded all his material for Season 2. If you listen to our trailer, you’ll hear him say a line from the Season 2 finale episode!

You can have faith in us that come hell or high water, you will get your bi-monthly dose of Inanna on time, every time!

I just need to… sit down for a while… maybe finish my game of Stacking

Alicia E. Goranson, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Everything But Voice Actor for the show

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