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Reviews of The Mask of Inanna

  • View From Valhalla – “This is radio theatre at its finest.”
  • Radio Drama Review Online – “I thoroughly recommend The Mask of Inanna as an original contribution to the ever-expanding canon of serial audio dramas now available online.” – Lawrence Raw
  • Scott Roche’s Reviews – “If you’re a fan of old school radio shows I’m sure you’d love it. … Put this near the top of your list.” – Scott Roche
  • What listeners are saying: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Part 1), 4 (Part 2), 5, 6, 7, 8


“No program better marries the legacy of old time radio with the potential of modern audio drama. I daresay it’s a little unlike anything you have heard before.”
-Fred Greenhalgh, FinaleRune Productions and Radio Drama Revival

“The Mask of Inanna is a fascinating hybrid of a modern story with mystic overtones (reminiscent of Twin Peaks or the more fantastical tales of Stephen King), coupled with a beautifully-done “show within a show” pastiche of classic old time radio.”
-Julie Hoverson, 19 Nocturne Boulevard

“The Mask of Inanna takes all the toys in the audio drama box and uses them to create something completely original.”
- Pete Milan, Author, Producer and Actor at Pendant Productions