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For owners of stereo devices without knobs and fiddly bits! (Those would be computers and MP3 players.)
You may have heard The Mask of Inanna, but have you heard it in full glorious, high-quality 320kbps?

Have you experienced the unproduced scripts, or other amazing bonus materials?

Then by Mr. Winsley’s own flour-basted bottom, you should order The Mask of Inanna DVD set!

The Mask of Inanna DVD Set

The Lovely Pearl of a DVD Within The Mask of Inanna's DVD Shell

This fantastic set includes the following:

  • Over ten hours of Parsec Award-winning episodes and trailers in full 320kbps MP3 format!
  • Full scripts for every episode, including two original, unproduced episodes and two unproduced After Darks!
  • All original music composed for The Mask of Inanna, including the smash dubstep hit, “The Mask of Inanna: Cinnamon B Mix“!
  • Original sound effects, including The Speed Bump’s roar and  The Gutbezahl Scream which begins every episode of After Dark!
  • Show commentary and discussion from the cast and crew! (No, not for each episode – talking over talking would just be silly.)
  • After Dark episode “The Shivers on Highway 61live! With new actors!
  • Original graphics and wallpapers!
  • Shameless biographies and unreleased photos of the cast!

This amazing set is available for low price of $25$20! Plus $2 USD for shipping.


So many thanks for your support!

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